SIPS Newsletter: Second Quarter 2017

Summary of SIPS Newsletter
The Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences Focus Group continues to grow, increase its participation in the broader impacts of the geosciences, and work at the intersection of science and policy. We have a mission statement and more content on our website, which we invite you to visit. We sent out a survey in 2014 to SIPS affiliates, and the results showed that there is great interest in helping AGU members with communications to policy makers. We have a great group of liaisons to other AGU sections and focus groups (S/FG), and we are looking for more volunteers. AGU and others are organizing congressional visits in Washington, D.C., in September. Abstract submissions for the 2017 Fall AGU Meeting are now open. See below for more information on these and other updates.SIPS Liaisons
SIPS is recruiting liaisons to other S/FG. A listing of the current liaisons is available on the liaison website, and we invite more volunteers to become liaisons, especially for S/FG that are not well represented yet. Liaisons are needed for Geodesy; Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetism; Mineral and Rock Physics; Nonlinear Geophysics; Ocean Sciences; Seismology; Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior; and Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology. You can nominate or volunteer to be a liaison by completing the SIPS liaison application. The roles of the liaisons are as follows:

  • Discuss SIPS with the current leadership of your S/FG.
  • Request that information about SIPS be included in appropriate S/FG newsletters.
  • Promote Fall Meeting SIPS-relevant sessions, events, and talks to your S/FG.
  • Cochair sessions and include SIPS-relevant talks or posters in those sessions.
  • Promote SIPS at S/FG events at Fall Meeting.
  • Share any relevant information from your S/FG with SIPS.
  • Recruit additional SIPS affiliates from your S/FG.

Communicating with Policy Makers
The SIPS 2014 survey responses requested more tools to help scientists communicate with policy makers. AGU Public Affairs has many tools available, such as the Policy Action Center, where you can contact a policy maker on a specific action and tool kits, where you can get resources on effective ways to communicate.

Geosciences Congressional Visits Days in September 2017
AGU, with other science organizations, will host Geosciences Congressional Visits Days (Geo-CVD) in Washington, D.C., on 12–13 September 2017. This is a chance to visit with congressional legislators and their staff with a group of geoscientists. There will be a 1-day workshop on policy communications followed by 1 day of congressional visits on Capitol Hill.Rolling applications for participation are being accepted now, so apply today.

2017 Fall Meeting Abstract Submissions to Public Affairs Sessions 
The AGU Fall Meeting will be in New Orleans from 11 to 15 December 2017. There will be more than 30 Public Affairs sessions and opportunities to submit policy-related abstracts to other section/focus group sessions. Please check out the Fall Meeting program and considersubmitting an abstract. Abstract submissions and town hall proposal submissions will open 14 June 2017 and close 2 August 2017.

Consider Contributions to AGU’s Science Policy Blog, The Bridge
You want to communicate about science and policy? Please consider submitting an article to AGU’s science policy blog, The Bridge. Submissions are welcome at any time, and the blog is a great way to get involved in science policy communications.

AGU Donor Incentive Program
AGU is piloting a donor incentive program that would provide additional, unrestricted funding to the SIPS Focus Group if 5% of our FG primary members contribute $50 or more to any AGU program, including general support. The funding amounts rise as the percentages increase as follows:

5% participation = $1000 contribution from AGU to SIPS

7% participation = $2000 contribution from AGU to SIPS

10% participation = $3000 contribution from AGU to SIPS

12% participation = $4000 contribution from AGU to SIPS

>15% participation = $5000 contribution from AGU to SIPS

In the past, SIPS has leveraged donations for the SIPS reception and for student travel grants to the AGU Fall Meeting. Additional donations could be used to enhance the reception and support more students. Please let us know if you have other ideas for donations.