SIPS Newsletter: First Quarter 2016

Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences Focus Group

March 2016

2015 Outstanding Student Presentation Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of Outstanding Student Presentation Awards from the 2015 Fall Meeting. This year’s winners from the SIPS Focus Group are: Jill Shipman, University of Alaska, Fairbanks; Kimberley Corwin, Boise State University; and Maya K. Buchanan, Princeton. Many thanks to all the SIPS members who judged student presentations and to our SIPS OSPA coordinators, Denise Hills and Linda Rowan.

2015 Student Travel Grants

Congratulations to the students who received travel grant support to attend the AGU Fall Meeting in 2015. The students include: Francisco Delgado, Cornell; Dylan McConnell, University of Melbourne; Lin Hui, Tsinghua University; Michael Norton, University of California, Davis; Sarah Kittross, Union College; Dario Solano Rojas, University of Miami and Ryan Haupt, University of Wyoming.

New AGU Donor Incentive Program

AGU is piloting a donor incentive program that would provide additional, unrestricted funding to the SIPS Focus Group if 5% of our FG members contribute $50 or more to any AGU program, including general support. The funding amounts rise as the percentages increase as follows:

5% participation = $1000 contribution from AGU to SIPS

7% participation = $2000 contribution from AGU to SIPS

10% participation = $3000 contribution from AGU to SIPS

12% participation = $4000 contribution from AGU to SIPS

>15% participation = $5000 contribution from AGU to SIPS

SIPS has used donations for the SIPS reception and for student travel grants to the Fall AGU Meeting. Additional donations could be used to improve the reception and support more students. Please let us know if you have other ideas for donations.

2016 Elections for SIPS Section Officers

Elections for the 2017–2018 SIPS Section President and Secretary will be held this summer, and we welcome your suggestions for candidates by 15 March 2016. We are also looking for volunteers to help with fall meeting student awards coordinators and other special positions on AGU committees and task forces. Please email suggestions to

2016 Honors Nominations

Please consider nominating outstanding candidates for AGU Honors, including Union Medals, Awards, and Prizes.  Nominations should be submitted through the AGU website by 15 March 2016. Please consider nominating outstanding candidates for other awards such as Keiiti Aki Young Scientist Award, Paul G. Silver Award for Outstanding Scientific Service, and Named Lectures by 15 March 2016.

2016 Union Fellows Nominations

Nominations for 2016 Fellows can be submitted via the AGU Union Fellows website until 15 March 2016. Please consider nominating outstanding candidates.

Consider Session Proposals for Fall AGU Meeting 2016

AGU is now accepting session proposals for the Fall AGU 2016 Meeting in San Francisco. Please consider submitting a proposal to SIPS or a combined science and policy session proposal to another section. The deadline for submission is 20 April 2016 and you can find more information here.

Consider Contributions to AGU’s Science Policy Blog, The Bridge

Please consider submitting an article to AGU’s science policy blog, The Bridge. Submissions are welcome at any time.